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5-Year Journal | Memory Book

$ 34
This 5-year memory journal is perfect for leaving bedside to jot a line or two before bed. It's finished beautifully with foil-stamped linen covers and warm white gilt-edged pages. We designed our 5-year journal to be an heirloom quality book, designed to last a lifetime.

Makes a thoughtful gift for Mother's Day or for new moms to record the everyday miracles of a new baby. Or perhaps a gift for a friend embarking on a new business to reflect on their progress year after year.

✤ 6.375" x 4.1"
✤ Gold foil-stamped linen hard cover
✤ Warm white, gilt-edged pages
✤ Ribbon page marker
✤ Stitched as well as glued bindings so the book will hold up to daily use for years. (Cheap construction methods with glue-only bindings can loose pages with daily use.) 

A lot can change in a year. Or five. Use this memory book to jot down a line or two each day. Chronicle daily events, milestones or goals. Use the entries in the coming years to remember and reflect on what happened on this day.

1) Start on today’s date. Write in the year and then write your entry for today. Do the same tomorrow and on each new day.

2) Once a year has passed and you’ve returned to the same date you started on, fill in the second entry on the page and continue likewise throughout the years.

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