Set of 12

Planner Dividers - Kraft Cardstock

$ 12

This handy set of monthly planner dividers just snap right into our twin-loop bindings. They're made with a sturdy (120 lb) card stock. The holes are mylar-reinforced on both sides so you can remove and reposition the dividers when needed.

✤ Set of 12 planner dividers
✤ Kraft card stock (120 lb)
✤ Blank so you can write in your own titles
✤ Reusable and reposition-able - the dividers snap into (& out of!) our twin loop bindings!
✤ Mylar-reinforced holes
✤ Each divider is 6" wide and 2" tall

✤✤✤ Designed to fit our gorgeous planners. ✤✤✤

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